Taichi Schwert und Push Hands mit Wang Yan

Tai Chi Seminar mit Wang Yan
11-19 November 2017


10:00-12:30Uhr Taiji Schwert
15:00-16:30Uhr Push Hands
18:30-20:30Uhr Push Hands

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Name: Wang Yan (王岩)

Place of Birth: Henan, Wenxian, China.

Workplace address: China, Henan, Jiaozuo, Wenxian, Chenjiagou, Chenjiagou Taijiquan School.

National first class boxer; National level coach; National level referee; National level-six martial arts examiner; One of the ChenJiagou nine tigers (Jin Gang Tiger).

Currently working as head coach of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan village school.

2017 New Years Day: Awarded title of „ChenJiagou Taijiquan Chen-style authentic descendant“

(Award presented by the Chenjiagou Taiji Resort, the ChenJiagou Chen family Council, ChenJiagou Village Committee and the Chenjiagou Chen Taiji Association)

2016 September: Visited France, Portugal, Poland and Germany to teach Chen-style Taichi.

2016 August: Won the China-Thailand 70 kg free kick-boxing championship.

2016 April: National TMCC professional league 70kg Sanshou champion.

2014 August: China Chenjiagou International Taijiquan Competition. Won the first prize in the men’s welterweight division.

2014 August: Sino-Thai Tournament 65kg Sanda champion.

2014 May: Won first place in competition organized by the Jiaozuo radio and television station.

2014 March: Represented Chen family Taichi in the Pingdingshan TV station sponsored Sino-Thai Wushu competition becoming 65kg champion.

2014 January: Represented Chen Family Taiji in the Hong Kong and Kowloon Bay Cup becoming the 65kg champion.

2013 August: Participated in the Seventh China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Exchange competition. Pushing hands 65kg champion, Taiji spear first-prize winner, Taij Traditional Chen Taiji forms first-prize winner.

2013 May: Participated in the China National Martial Arts Taichi competition. Became the men’s pushing hands 65KG class champion and spear-form first-prize winner.

2012 August: Participated in the first Sino-Thai Wushu Tournament becoming the 60kg champion.

2012 August: Participated in the first China ChenJiagou Chen Taiji International Exchange Competition becoming the Taichi Sanshou 65-70kg class champion, as well as the Taiji new-frame and Taiji spear first-prize winner.

2011 August: Won the sixth China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan exchange Competition for the men’s pushing-hands 60kg class; Traditional Chen style forms, and Tai Chi spear first-prize winner.

2011: Performed Taichi in Italy on behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to celebrate